Wood is one of the best fuels

It is the most natural, one of the most ecological and that we humans have traditionally used.

Wood belongs to renewable sources of energy that are grouped under the name of biomass. It has a great calorific value, and the flame it generates is the one with the greatest beauty.



Gas, a clean fuel.

The use of gas brings considerable environmental benefits compared to other fossil fuels and facilitates the maintenance of the chimney by not generating solid waste, such as ash and charred wood remains.

Gas can guarantee the reduction of harmful emissions to air, water and land and provide environmental improvements on a local or global scale.



Pellets are a natural product, made from dry sawdust, which uses the lignin itself that it contains as a binder. Considered solid biomass, they are shaped like very small cylinders, a few millimeters in diameter. Its composition is very dense and hard, thus achieving great calorific value.

They can be used for heating and hot water in any home. Special stoves or boilers for pellets are used for this, which are very comfortable and easy to use. Pellet stoves and boilers are fully automated. They can be programmed, self-regulating without the need for intervention, they turn on and off on their own, and even some have a Wi-Fi module that allows remote activation.

In addition, the pellets are 100% natural, not They pollute, are not toxic, do not produce bad odors and are cheaper than diesel (about 50% less). And although they are more expensive than wood, they have more calorific power and are easier to transport.

They produce almost no smoke, so we only need a gas outlet, instead of a large chimney like of wood-burning stoves and fireplaces.

Quality pellets should be used to prevent damage to the boiler or stove, and they must be stored in a dry place, since moisture would cause them to lose their properties.



Bioethanol, the greenest fuel.

Bioethanol is an alcohol produced from agricultural products such as corn, sorghum, potatoes, wheat, sugarcane, and even biomass.

Used as fuel, it is a source of ecological energy that is gaining followers every year around the world, since it does not require a smoke evacuation installation and allows you to enjoy the vision of the flame.

The environmental and economic advantages of this renewable fuel are evident, although it does not have a great calorific value and has a merely decorative use.



Electric fireplaces, decorative trend.

Electric fireplaces are one of the great decorative trends of recent years for their spectacular and great resemblance to the real flame.

This system allows you to enjoy pleasure if you have a fireplace, even if you don’t have the architectural conditions that allow the installation of a traditional one.

Apart from its decorative function, it can also provide heat.



A perfect finish for your garden or terrace.

The decoration of the garden or terrace is as important as the interior design of your home. Those last touches are the ones that will bring true personality to your home, and will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space even more.

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TraforartThe more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of chimneys, have made all metal chimneys manufactured by Traforart, have the purpose of obtaining maximum heat, without reducing the fire show. The application of double combustion, the use of the most resistant materials (steel, cast iron, glass ceramic, anti-caloric lacquers) and the development of the most classic and daring designs, have made Traforart the manufacturer with more models and solutions on the market. Trusting Traforart is a sign of good choice.
PlanikaPlanika, specialists since 2005 in bioethanol fires. It combines technology with the best design, with a team of own designers. Its principles are design, technology and respect for the environment
BellfiresManufacturer specialized in gas fireplaces. He develops his own chimneys and manufactures them since 1928. The objective of his fires is focused on safety and design. Fireplaces easy to use and with the possibility of remote control.
AxisAxis is a family society, created last century, which integrates the design, manufacture and distribution of fires and fireplaces for firewood.
Designer and manufacturer of fires and chimneys of high performance and low CO emissions. The product range consists of 35 models that are distributed in 32 countries.
jotulNorwegian know-how shines in each of Jøtul’s stoves for more than 160 years. It is one of the most prestigious manufacturers in Europe. The precious design and robustness of its products is a key factor in the decoration of both modern and classic spaces.
DimplexDimplex North America Limited is the world leader in electric heating. With a wide range of products, both for the residential sector, as well as for the commercial or industrial sector, it was he who developed and produced the first electric fireplace with a realistic “wood” flame effect in 1995.

Since then, the company has obtained up to 30 patents from various areas of electric flame technology.
OfyrOFYR is the work of Hans Goosens, a Dutch businessman and amateur designer who was looking for a design and high-performance grill, with refined and artistic lines, which complemented his garden and was resistant to weather conditions to be able to leave it outdoors all year round. Of this idea was born OFYR, a Corten steel cone, in which a beautiful patina ends up being left outdoors.

The design was a success, not only for its impressive appearance but also for its versatility when cooking and the wide circle of warmth that it generates around it, which make it ideal for outdoor events. Very appreciated by professional chefs to use it in any event that needs catering or cooking work. OFYR units transform the outdoor spaces of restaurants and hotels, offering customers an unforgettable culinary experience.
HergomSpanish company founded in 1960 in Santander. Since its inception it has been dedicated to the manufacture of home heat products. Hergóm is today one of the leading companies in the sector worldwide, which has five manufacturing and operations points in Europe and America.

Hergóm has been in the market for 50 years, during which it has accumulated successes and experience in products for heating and cooking with firewood and biomass, betting on natural fuels, the path of research, and developing and improving the efficiency of its product range.
piazzettaItalian company founded in 1960. Committed to technology, quality and aesthetics. They have a wide range of innovative products (stoves, homes and boilers) with designs from the most classic lines, to the most daring.

The group has grown to become a major benchmark company in the sector, with its own research and development, production, logistics and administrative offices laboratories. A solid company, with a wide selection of stoves and fireplaces that adapt to each according to your needs and preferences.
csthermosFounded in 1985 by Tarcisio Canzian, manufacturing boilers and gas and diesel stoves, in 1997 CS THERMOS, specialized in the field of pellet stoves. The advances in continuous research have led them to embrace the great world of biomass and ecology, with the firm belief that this new combustion technology, unique and innovative, improves our lives, offering us a healthy and natural warmth.