historically all the metal fireplaces produced by Traforart, have been created with the vision to obtain the maximum heat without reducing spectacular fire. 

the application of dual combustion, the use of more resistant materials (steel, cast iron, ceramic glass, heat resistant paint), and the development of classic and modern designs have made Traforart the first manufacturer in the market that offers a rich line of products for all market needs. For an exceptional choice, trust Traforart.



axis is a familiar company created on the last century. Axis designs, produce and distribute wood fireplaces and inserts, with high efficiency and low CO emissions. The catalog have 35 models that Axis distributes in 32 countries.



Bellfires, speciallized in producing gas fireplaces. Design his own fireplaces and produce them since 1928. The objective of Bellfires fireplaces is the security and the design. Fireplaces easy to use and with possibility to control them with remote control.


our exclusiv fireplaces are seen as the soul of the house. Glammfire is a company innaugurated in 2008 and specialized in bioethanol fireplaces design and production. We depelope unique fireplaces environmentally friendly.

Planika is specialist in bioethanol fires since 2005. combines technology with the best design and with a big team of designers. Planika goals are: design, technology and respect for the environment.